Meet Our Changemakers

These groundbreakers are coming from substantial disciplines,

striving to preserve our nature from hazardous e-waste

Remind was founded in 2020 and later formed a team consisting of metallurgical graduates with a solid mineral and material processing background. The name “Remind” comes from its inner core business, which stands for “Recycling Materials for Indonesia,” with the vision of “Becoming the national initiator and activator toward sustainability through recycling.”

We have a mission to manage and reduce e-waste streams along with enhancing public awareness through justifiable recycling. The economic worth of e-waste and the health of nature will be recovered as a result. In four terms, we summed up our fundamental values: Integrity, Precision, Responsiveness, and Empowerment.


M. Dzikri Ahira S.

Founder and CEO

Dzikri is a Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student at TU Delft, Netherland. Dzikri currently works as Graduate Intern at Coolrec Recydel (Belgium), one of the leading e-waste recyclers in Europe. He is a highly driven team player whose research interests include recycling, sustainable materials, and circular economy. He is in charge of Remind’s legitimate expansion planning and execution.

Farrel Alvian Purnama

Co-Founder and COO

Farrel graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology with a degree in metallurgical engineering (ITB). He is a dedicated and energetic individual charged with finding and implementing an effective and efficient method of e-waste recycling.


Deddy Chandra Nababan

Lead Researcher and CTO

Deddy is currently doing a PhD at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. His research interest mainly focuses on metal extraction from primary and secondary resources, i.e., electronic waste. Deddy leads the research team to develop the recycling process and technological framework.



Kurniawan is a doctoral student majoring in Resource Recycling, Korea University of Science and Technology, KIGAM campus. He is mainly engaged in the recovery of metals from secondary resources and the separation/purification of base and precious metals from aqueous solutions.

M. Dzikra Ulya S.


Dzikra currently works as a Metallurgist in a gold processing plant in Australia. He obtained his MEngSc degree in Metallurgy from Curtin University Australia and has distinct experiences in mineral processing, particularly regarding gold extraction and recovery.


M. Gacya Poetra

Digital Strategist

Gacya is an undergraduate student majoring in Urban and Regional Planning at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He is a creative thinker and delivers Remind’s core values and mission through innovative platforms.


Lead Maintenance

Syahrussyam is an energetic person who is always actively responsible for ensuring the recycling equipment and tools are in good condition and ready to be utilized. He is also competent in preserving our laboratory in excellent quality.


Lead Operator

Yanmildina is an agile lead operator with skillful communication. His charge helps the recycling operations go according to plan in all end-to-end processes. Roaming in e-waste industries has managed his ability to connect Remind with other collectors in e-waste.